Automate Audits via Audit tools or even MS Excel! e.g. Data Extraction, Queries and Stratification, Statistical Analysis,  Cross Matching and many more!

Identifying exceptional items

Moralits can help you with automated tooling to search unusual not excepted data in your Databases.  

Performing analyses

Moralits can help you , via automated audit tools, with identifying relevant data for various technical and analytical reviews.  With automated audit techniques we can process amount of to be analyzed data which can simply not be done manually. Think

Checking calculations

Automated Audit tools or MS Excel are very useful in verifying or double checking calculations. Moralits can support you in using these tools effectively by providing all kinds of statistical data like min/max values, averages and extractions.

Cross-matching data between systems

An effective way to test the quality of data is to cross-check it against other sources of data.  Moralits can support you by performing tests and joining databases with the use of automated audit tools or Excel. We have experiences in cross-checking e.g. master files and transactions to verify if the relation is integer

Testing for gaps and duplicates

Often, Moralits uses automated audit tools or Excel for completeness testing to verify if there are certain gaps in e.g. numeric database files or just simply checking for missing data. 

We also test Dates for certain gaps: e.g. Days, weeks or months where you expect some movement but in e.g. transaction files and these movements didn’t appear on these Dates.

We also find duplicates testing to be extremely effective in countless database integrity testing.


And one of the most wonderful things of automated audit tools and, again, Excel are the sampling functions they all have. But nowadays also to prevent taking samples and actually test complete populations! Moralits use these tooling a lot to provide quality evidence to internal and external Auditors. So we can support the 3rd and 4th line of defenses effectively and reduce audit time or audit throughput a lot!